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Remaking the Pathway (2020)

31 minutes

Executive Producer: Brigitte Ross
Director: Emma Hudson
Producers: Batumbil Burarrwanga, Doris Yelthun Dhambing Burarrwanga, Daisy Gunygulu Burarrwanga and Peter Botsman

"I have renewed the pathway so we can find our way forward." - Batumbil Burarrwanga

When Batumbil Burarrwanga retraces a journey she made by foot as a child, she speaks to the land and recalls stories passed down by her father. In doing so she revives her family’s connection to their homelands.

Remaking the Pathway follows Batumbil Burarrwanga and her sisters Daisy and Doris, as they replicate a 60km walk they had done with their father in 1964 when they were young children. As elders and leaders of the Gumatj clan in northeast Arnhem Land, the sisters joyously relive their life experiences. Batumbil’s recurring dreams and visions of her father inspired them to retrace their journey which was the path of sacred dogs along the coastline of the Arafura Sea in northeast Arnhem Land. In a dream Batumbil’s father tells her she carries the fire, power and wisdom necessary to protect the Yolngu estates entrusted to them. Remaking the Pathway follows the Burarrwanga sisters as they speak to the land. Batumbil and her sisters show us how we can connect to the land as family relations (gurrutu). As Doris says, “It is everyone’s story now”.




2020 Always Was Always Will Be program


SBS On Demand


Approved by Documentary Australia Foundation


"A beautiful evocative film. So much integrity as well as visually superb."

- Howard Morphy (Emeritus Professor) and Frances Morphy (Honorary Associate Professor)

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